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BMW X3 M COMPE 2020 - VIN: 5YMTS0C0XL9B36939


This is an entry presenting BMW X3 M COMPE manufactured in 2020, represented by 5YMTS0C0XL9B36939 VIN number. The auction took place on COPART and it was sold for $19600. Below you can find more details about this vehicle, including engine type, damage, transmission and odometer.

Vehicle main characteristics

Body style
Car keysno
Doc typeNM -
DriveAll wheel drive
Engine type3.0L 6
Estimated Retail Value47498
Primary damageFRONT END
Secondary damageUNDERCARRIAGE
Lot #82792093
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Additional characteristics

The Copart recently witnessed the successful sale of a 2020 BMW X3 M COMPE, which concluded on 2024-02-29 at the prominent NM - Albuquerque location. The car was sold for 19600$. This vehicle, drawing interest of buyer from Poland, is uniquely identifiable by its 5YMTS0C0XL9B36939 VIN and 82792093 lot number, ensuring it's a standout in our extensive inventory. Vehicle's retail value was estimated at 47498$. Positioned proudly in NM - Albuquerque, this M COMPE BMW X3 was a feast for the eyes with its elegant black exterior. The car's journey was evidenced by an odometer reading of unknown amount of miles. The car keys are not available. The car experienced front end damage, yet it was classified under the category of enhanced vehicles, a crucial aspect for buyers to consider when evaluating its history and overall condition. This classification, along with the salvage title it carries, offers a transparent view of what the car has been through and its potential for restoration. Under its hood lay a powerful 3.0L 6 engine, bolstered by 6 cylinders, promising an exhilarating and reliable driving experience. The car's performance was further enhanced by its all wheel drive drivetrain and an efficient automatic transmission, offering a ride that was both smooth and responsive. Running on gas, the vehicle struck a balance between traditional fueling methods and performance efficiency. This, combined with its striking appearance and robust engine, made the BMW X3 a highly desirable item in the auction. Despite the front end damage it sustained, the vehicle's presence in the auction was a significant opportunity for enthusiasts. It represented a perfect blend of luxury, elegance, and mechanical prowess, making the 2020 BMW X3 a compelling choice for those looking for a vehicle with character and potential.


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